Meeting with Senator Shafer
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Meeting with Senator Shafer

Meeting with Senator Shafer

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Published: September 13, 2017 0 0 29
By: Nikita Kini, Georgia State University
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I had a meeting with Senator Shafer’s Chief of Staff Steve Tippins, his policy coordinator, Hannah Weiss, and his General Counsel, Ann Purvis. During this meeting I proposed to amend a current bill, Code Section 16-13-32 of the Official Code of Georgia which relates to transaction of drug related objects. I presented some information on who is currently using the Syringe Exchange program and how expanding it can benefit our society further. The Chief of Staff did not agree with the proposed changes to the bill and asked us to come back after finding some middle ground. After the meeting I did some research on how other states conduct their syringe exchange programs and will try to make additional changes to the bill.